COPOC – The 2nd International Congress on Controversies in Primary and Outpatient Care

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Start Date: 5. listopada 2017.
End Date: 8. listopada 2017.

Location: Ul. Izidora Kršnjavog 1, 10000 Zagreb

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The 2nd International Congress on


October 5-8, 2017

Hotel Westin, Zagreb, Croatia

The success of the 1st COPOC Congress which took place in Tel Aviv, Israel higlighted the importance of holding such a congress in order to continue to examine and debate specific issues practitioners face in day to day reality in primary and outpatient care.

The COPOC Congress gathers prominent global experts in general practice and primary health care for engaging discussions, information sharing and experience-based perspectives. The Congress will serve as a dynamic forum; promoting productive clinical debates between primary care phisicians, cinical specialists and researchers on the critical issues within the fields of general practice and primary health care.

The Congress prides itself on having the most up-to-date clinical, scientific and academic program, concentrating not only on future therapies and interventions, but also on disease prevention, health promotion and treatment goals. COPOC was established with the aim of playing a vital complementary role to the existing world and regional conferences relevant to primary care. Its goal is to promote state of tha art debates and to facilitate an effective forum between primary care physicians and practitioners and secondary care specialists.

The Congress’s distinct format will provide participants and speakers alike with the unique opportunity to debate the most pressing issues in general practice and primary health care.

We invite you to join us at the 2nd COPOC Congress and we look forward to seeing you in Zagreb in October 2017.


Christos Lionis, Greece; Shlomo Vinker, Israel; Baruch Itzhak, Israel


Tanja Pekez-Pavliško, Croatia

Local Chair


1. Diabetes & Obesity
a. When, how and what type of insulin
for Diabetes type II
b. Universal or specific blood glucose targets?
c. Combination therapy – what is the best after
d. Are all the GLP1 RA the same?
e. Diabetes and depression – the unmet link?
f. Obesity – a risk factor or a disease? new insights
for treatment

2. COPD & Asthma
a. Asthma or COPD?
b. How to use „guidelines stairs” in asthma control?
c. The rule of inhaled corticosteroids in COPD
d. Do we have improvement with LABA/ICS
e. Triple therapy
f. How to choose devices for asthma/COPD
g. Asthma education and prevention – is it

3. Osteoporosis & Chronic Pain
a. How, when to treat, who should be screened
and treated for osteoporosis?
b. Opiod therapy in chronic pain
c. Pharmacological versus non pharmacological
treatm e n t i n chronic pain

4. Depression & ADHD
a. Management of depressive disorder – the
rule of primary care versus expert care
b. Does psychotherapy help?
c. Challenges in the treatment of ADHD in

5. Chronic Heart Failure, Stroke
Prevention, & Atrial Fibrillation
a. Novel anticoagulant therapy versus
b. New drugs for CHF and the rule of
diagnosis in primary care
c. How should we use risk assessment tools?

6. Chronic Cough & Allergies
a. How to treat? when to use antibiotics?
b. Use of secretolitics, mucolitics, remedies,
antihistamines – bene t versus treatment
c. What we need for diagnosis in primary

Contact: Predrag Marinković

Office:  +385 52 223400, GSM. +385 91 4440040


Organized by :  A.T.I. d.o.o. Organizer's Address : Zadarska 15, 52100 Pula Email : Website :

O organizatoru :

A.T.I. d.o.o. Pula DMC - PCO je agencija za organizaciju kongresa, korporativnih događanja, team buildinga i drugih manifestacija. Prilagođavamo se strukturi grupe, željama i mogućnostima klijenata, savjetujemo i predlažemo, te sa klijentom detaljno razrađujemo svaki program. Isključivo radimo po mjeri klijenta i u potpunosti se posvećujemo svakom detalju, a posebno vodimo računa o omjeru cijene i usluge te profesionalnosti pri organizaciji. A.T.I. d.o.o. postoji već 20 godina te ima zaposlenih 20 djelatnika, što nam omogućava da u svakom trenutku formiramo više timova za eventualna paralelna događanja. Posjedujemo vlastiti vozni park (6 autobusa i 2 kombija). Poslovanje naše agencije temelji se na pružanju vrhunske usluge u svim sektorima turizma.

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